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IMH Chats

IMH Chats is a podcast series developed by the IMH Training & Development Portfolio.


Hear from IMH Researchers, HDR Candidates, Professional Staff and Affiliates about various aspects of their career journeys.

Episode 18

Dr Adrian Traegar chats with Dr Sweekriti Sharma

Episode 17

Chris Han chats with Dr Giovanni Ferreira

Episode 16

Priti Kharel chats with Dr Joshua Zadro

Episode 15

Rik Dawson chats with Dr Heidi Gilchrist

Episode 14

Dr Joshua Zadro chats with Prof Ian Harris

Episode 13

Rik Dawson chats with Prof Anne Tiedemann

Episode 12

Dr Sweekriti Sharma chats to Dr Adrian Traeger

Episode 11

Dr Giovanni Ferreira chats with Prof Steve Kamper

Episode 10

Ima Strkljevic chats with Rik Dawson

Episode 9

Louise Pearce chats with A/Prof Tasha Stanton

Episode 8

Dr Christina Abdel Shaheed chats with Ann-Mason Furmage

Episode 7

Courtney West chats with A/Prof Anne Moseley

Episode 6

Betty Ramsay chats with A/Prof Simon Rosenbaum

Episode 5

Dr Adrian Traeger chats with Dr Bruno Saragiotto

Episode 4

Dr Gustavo Machado chats with Dr Bethan Richards

Episode 3

Mamata Tamrakar chats with Prof Cathie Sherrington

Episode 2

Alla Melman chats with Prof Chris Maher

Episode 1

Siobhan Wong chats with Prof Jane Latimer

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